Strunk Connect

over 50 years of successful company history

How it all started

Our company was founded in 1972 and established itself in 1980 as a manufacturer of measuring and monitoring devices for welding technology (resistance welding and arc welding). From 1986 we specialized in the development and manufacture of welding systems for non-ferrous metals, especially for cable harnesses in the area of cable welding (splicing). Soon our existing capacities were no longer sufficient, so that in 1991 we began expanding development and production with the construction of our main building.

Following the technological advances, we started automating the stalk processes in 1994. We expanded the special machine construction and positioned ourselves as a provider of complete and system solutions from a single source. Since then we have made a name for ourselves as an international special machine manufacturer with headquarters in Kirchen-Freusburg.

How the whole thing developed

In 2009 we expanded the headquarters for our mechanical production by adding an attached hall. In 2010, Strunk Connect Inc. was founded. based in CT, USA, and two years later the expansion of our main building by a new floor, on which we gave our engineering and project management a new home.

In the following years we equipped our machine park with further new milling centers for eroding machines, renewed our ERP system and integrated the PDM system in the ERTP, which is fed by CAD and EPLAN. The digitization of work processes allows us to record time in the individual departments. In addition, we have established an agile multi-project management system that facilitates the coordination, management and control of several simultaneous projects and accelerates decision-making and control processes. Since 2013 we have also been offering prototyping for our customers, including the production of pilot series, A, B and C samples.

Where we are today

Since our production is running out of space, we applied for a building permit for the building extension some time ago. This was granted to us in 2020, until then another hall (external) was rented to complain about systems that show increased space requirements. Our company will soon be expanded to include a new production hall and an office building. In addition, we are currently developing a new complex welding current control with a focus on Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence (AI).